Girl in Fatherland
Announcements , Books , Fatherland / January 31, 2017

GIRL IN FATHERLAND is based on true events but reads like a novel. Berlin, 2013: We follow the story of Lucy, a girl who has been split into several pieces by systematic torture and psychological terror. As fragments of Lucy’s memories are being presented like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, the reader is being taken from a seemingly ordinary, happy life into the hell of Lucy’s past and back again into the now apparently changed present of her “real” life. The story revolves around the murder of Paul, Lucy’s first true love, and the question if and why Lucy has killed him. This is the first novel of the Fatherland series in which Morgan Collins unflinchingly looks at the darkest side of Germany after WWII. The torture experiments which the Nazis have carried out on Jewish children in the camps (aka the MK Ultra project and others), have been continued well into the present time. Lucy, as we can see by the fact that her father is a Stasi officer, is a victim of the government programmes to create assassins and spies by torturing children. As soon as she has enough memories processed to understand what has happened, she has…

Stop Mind Control
Books , Nonfiction , Psychology / January 2, 2017

We aren’t made to be broken.
I am a survivor of Ritual Abuse and Mind Control. Simplified, “healing” from this complex, lifelong trauma means deprogramming.
On my way I found a lot of good advice, courage, support, love, and warmth from other people. However, I never found what I looked most desperately for: a straightforward explanation about what was going on, practical help how to remember what has happened to me, a fast way to escape the abuse I was still subject to, and help to protect not just myself, but my family.
I had to find all these things out for myself. You don’t. In this book you’ll find all you need to know to understand, escape and heal from systematic torture.