Stop Mind Control

January 2, 2017
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We aren’t made to be broken.

I am a survivor of Ritual Abuse and Mind Control.

This means a group of organised criminals tortured and abused me systematically from early childhood on. They did this in order to destroy my personality and build another, complex identity, split into a high number of parts which were organised in a highly structured system.

This process is called “complex programming”. (Because children are being programmed under torture as if they were computers.)

“Healing” from this complex, lifelong trauma means deprogramming.

On my way I found a lot of good advice, courage, support, love, and warmth from other people.

However, what I never encountered, were “simple” explanations about what has happened to me and guides how to reverse its effects.

For this reason I have written this book – here stands what I would have wanted to find when I desperately searched for it.

I am writing here for other survivors, their therapists/lawyers/partners/supporters what I needed to know to heal and to escape the perpetrators.

A lot is based on my own experience, some from others I have worked with.

This book is no substitute for therapy. This book does not claim to be “right” or “complete” in any way. Warning.

You can find out more about my story here: About Me.

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