April 13, 2015

Why you should not, or only very carefully, read this page.
A lot of books about the subject Ritual Abuse and Mind Control are written for therapists only with the clear warning to not read this when you are a survivor.
I think survivors like myself did not get out of their physical and mental slavery only to be told again by others what to read, think and do.
I myself read such books with intense fascination. Now, at least, after having read what they write for people who are supposed to help me, I know why so many, even those who should have, never helped me.

However, there is one reason for warning survivors before they read information on the subject I do happen to agree with – in part.

One may think that one’s memories are not one’s own, but a representation of what we have read.
This, of course, is an argument frequently used by perpetrators. I am very well aware about what is a memory and what I have read somewhere else.

However, I do know that no one WANTS this to be true. We, having survived such atrocities, do not want the terror we escaped from (or are, indeed, still living in!) to be real. How do you go on? How do you live in a society which seems to consist only of monsters and those who look away? Desperation makes us want to disbelieve ourselves.
Also, perpetrators programmed us to not believe.
We are made to believe under torture that the crimes committed against us have not been real, but were just a movie/book/dream/someone told us…
Such argumentation is also being used in court. By the perpetrators, of course.

The program “this never happened” can be stopped. Remember how it came into being.

I am sure, no matter how strong any program, every person actually “knows” on some level what is real and what is not.
Who makes up such stories?
If I wanted to use my fantasy, I would not create torture, but a more pleasant world than the one we live in.

However, it does make sense to first write down what you remember and then read this webpage.

Thus, what you read here only confirms what you have written down an strengthens, rather than weakens, your trust in yourself.

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